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37 sight is owned and operated by Heather Marshman.

Armed with a yearning to find beauty in all things, a wide smile, and a creative yet simple spirit, I always try to find the heart of my subject. My goal is to candidly tell your story frame by frame, while steering clear of posed or constructed images. I look for the realness and the honesty...that moment you let down your guard...and snap. Real life captured, through real photos. Photos to keep on your phone. To hang on your wall. To add to your portfolio. To print in an album. To use in an ad or website. To post on instagram for all to see.


Simplicity and honesty and ease are my keywords. Ease with which we talk and interact and feel around each other. Ease when snapping shots of those moments when real emotions take over and you forget you're in front of a camera. Ease with which your images are delivered to you and you see something in you, your loved ones or your product you didn't see before.


The story of your life from a different view.


If you are interested in learning more or in setting up a session, please send me an email or text or fill out the form below. I look forward to hearing from you.

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